blank language




RUINED FAMILIES "blank language" LP
adagio830 nr 95


released December 30, 2014

After their debut LP and their great 7" from last year - Ruined Families from Athens / greece take another step forward to push themself into a new direction. From the chaotic fast Hardcore they got more and more complex and dark. Mixing up their fast pissed of hardcore with post punk elements and intense song writing. 9 songs of blistering hardcore ...


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adagio830 Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: only need is real
In a place and time we reinvent
the reason is still there
the streets bleed and burn
and we're in need of the danger
as much as we need change.
We know nothing about the truth
except it pays well.
Freedom will never come
We just need safety
Freedom will pass
We don't know how it looks like
Laugh at the rules
Use them as they use you
Track Name: to new parents
Keep the children asleep with fairy tales of
happiness and imaginary needs.
Make them become what you couldn't be.
Keep them fed with meat, but, hungry sexually.
Brainwashed with useless pride.
Teach them everything has a price.
If they ask you what life is all about.
There is a good life, but, in the next life.
There are laws, but, we don't know why.
Miracles that never happen.
Money will make you happy.
That's what they told us
and it's true
You should believe it, too.
Track Name: 208
The biggest thing you took from me
was my right to dream.
And I'm left up wondering
where do these people come from and where do they go.
They walk faster and look sadder
than every passing birthday.
We are lost if you say so.
We're lost
The biggest thing you took from me
was my right to dream.
And I'm left up wondering was it always like this?
We are lost if you say so.
We're lost
The lack of senses just made sense to me
Athens without answers.
Track Name: easy livin'
Shaping with the routine
I try to completely remove the way that i was raised
The good news is
I recognize me less every day
through a total chaos
where nothing happens
I don't want anyone to decide what's good for me
I don't want the easy choices
Guilt is a life less lived
Don't get used to me
Track Name: human fence
Who gets to judge and what defines logic?
Tell me how you teach the world
I'm sure I don't wanna know.
Tell me what's between your legs
I'm sure it reflects your ego.
We don't need winners and losers.
We get to meet the real world
when need becomes the greatest option.
It's only us who create the limits.
No more winners.
No more losers.
No more.
Track Name: nature's worst
Destroy the maps and worship gravity
celebrate only love.
Those flags hang up there just to block my sun.
The new language of a blank future.
There's nothing honest in tradition.
A new logo for the same revolution.
From those basements where we isolate
We're coming out.
Slaves to desire
Doomed to create
Never compete
Never felt safe
We're made to fail.
Track Name: definition in paradox
In this city that smells gasoline and boredom
we've been cheated by everyone
and we damn the bastardized ideas
and the stereotypes we are.
Our lives dressed in black and we are stuck to the wrong.
We are not bad, but, we are out of fashion.
Bound to a dead aesthetic.
This present moment has already passed.
Our favorite books aren't written yet.
Our favorite bands have not even met.
And we were born inside a trap.
The punks want their money back.
Track Name: books as weapons
We had enough of this
We had enough
You found a role
for your miserable life
Hating the weaker ones
You're creeping out from the ugliest parts
of history and the human mind.
We are against
you and your fantasies
We are against you
Not human enough.
Track Name: pedestal
My head is the place where the city crosses
like beauty found in the darkest corners
The shades of grey that we share with the buildings
leaving everything in the middle
Years spent in search of identity
Without a conscience and without a memory
Do i shape my life or my life shapes me?
And i can see my friends
they are all here
But they look sadder
We repeat the same day with another name
Pain is addicted to pain
We repeat the same day without a change
Pain is addicted to pain
I have no name

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