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ITTO - s/t 10"
adagio830 nr 87


released January 2, 2015

Chicago's Itto rises from the ashes of Suffix. They dabble in the same sonic territory as Suffix with a heavy math rock influence. For fans of Suffix, Beau Navire and Suis La Lune. I think the band says it best:

Itto is the sonic exertions of all our hopes, dreams, trials and tribulations. We are five friends that wanna play on the edge of our abilities at all times.



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adagio830 Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: gift horse
Here we go again, stuck in the
same cycle of old versus the new
versus the bold versus the doomed.
Pattern as code, we deconstruct to
break the mold.

A pale horse is on the horizon, at
least that's always been their mission.
They conscript it, to destroy our vision.

To destroy our ambition, the science
of a christian and the irresponsibility
of religion.

I believe the time has come to seize
our futures back from false prophets.

Progress is living to our utmost potential, not by
anyone's lies anymore. Not afraid of the four, riding
and bringing the end to what they perpetuate and pretend

We'll take all of their deceit, and shove it down their throats!

I didn't mean to look you inside your mouth!
You preach of plagues but now you got your tongue caught in the stampede!

Ride your pale horse up high!
But i cant help to ask...
Why the long face?
Track Name: hex keys
Your separatist way breeds the pragmatic aversion,
division is no road to victory. United we stand, together
we topple. How long till we bring them the fight?

The ivory tower forever grows
taste as relic and the status woes.
In this reign of terror we all live on.

It's our duty as artisans of revolution to bring
down the construct, brick by brick, chipping
away at it's blood stained mortar; right down
to it's rotten core.

Keep chipping away, brick by brick, keep fighting
till you get right down to it's core.

It's up to us to overthrow the oversight.
We hold the keys, we see the light.
A classic case of host against the parasite.
We break the hex, we show our might.
A classic case of host verse the parasite.

We lived this way long enough to say, we're fed
up with dreams of tyrants that seize power
for abuse and don't use it for truth. Don't stand
there unmoved, unite as one

Can we touch the sun together? Together we'll make the
fall obsolete.
As we herald the change, from the old
world, to this new era.

As we herald the change puzzle pieces come together to create.
As we herald the change from the old world to this new era.

We will pull apart these constructs, and drown out tyrants' dreams again and again with our own.
Track Name: traditions
The problem with tradition
is that in an ever expanding universe
it tries to suppress
what it cannot control

Tradition is the anchor of civilization.
And civilization is madness.

It's madness to live this life in absolutes.
Perpetuations of poison. The want of
living unhinged.

The look in your eyes tells me
you're ready for something new
I wear that same face, thats how I
met you.

So tonight let's hold each other
and remember.
Remember why we gave that old
life up.

Remember why we gave that old life up!
Remember why we chose this life!

Day to day, we push on.
Living is not as easy as breathing.
I'm sure sick and tired of dying each day.

One-thousand breaths until you
gasp and feel alive. We push on
even though there's still no end in
sight. The revolution of the day
to day, is to change traditions until
the original form fades!

With the original form shook, we take
drastic measures and a self evident look.
The reality of things is that existing in this
world is a construct, one that can be
manipulated consciously or unconsciously.
The tangibles as intangibles, all consciousness
is expandable; like the universe, inside your
mind a big bang burst.
Track Name: kaleidoscope
I was told never to stare
into the setting sun.
Without a care,
I did any way.

Then i went blind, but
what i saw before the
black was the most
beautiful thing I've
ever seen!

The shimmering lights were so serene.
Dancing about light a mid-summers dream.
All the while my retinas burn.
Staring away unconcerned.

Deeper I forever glare into
the beyond. Reaching for the
golden halo to crown myself.
But no matter how tall I stood,
I couldn't reach. So I slipped and
plummeted back to the asphalt
with the most care free expression.

And now I live blind, No regrets
I seen the most beautiful thing, It exists