split (black kites / convulsions)


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adagio830 nr 67


released January 3, 2015

Slowly churning from an idea among like-minded music mongers to a realistic formality, this kinship between two unique outfits has finally come to fruition. Both trekking from the same school of thought, this split demonstrates how the words "chaotic" and "rhythm" can be used in the same sentence to describe such signature styles. Black Kites moves forward with their aggressive yet emotionally unhinged sound that has taken them years to cultivate. Taking no issues lightly, lyrically BK has proven to be just as harsh and cunning with words as their instrumental infrastructure. As for Convulsions, they have taken on a new forms by flexing their "Prog-Rock" muscles while retaining and perfecting their ongoing, derailing composition. This is truly a match-maid in well, heaven?


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adagio830 Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: gasoline / decompression sickness (convulsions)
Hey sugar, Hey sugar
Just to watch you sleep. Just to hear you speak.

Stay. Everything you say. You know it gives you, just gives you away

Stay, Sugar gasoline. When you're nineteen, when you're nineteen.
Sugar, if I keep it near, will it keep you here, will it keep you here.
Stay, your leaving just gives you away. Your leaving just gives you away.

Just a man that's stuck in the cracks
Just a victim of the things he lacks
Just a man that will never feel whole
Just a victim of the one's who stole

Moving forward, going blind
Bleeding wrists, breaking binds

I've spent my life swimming through concrete
Head bent low being pounded by sleat
Why spend life feeling sorry for yourself
You can bend the bars and just break out

I cut my bonds off at the wrist
I was ashamed at how well they fit

Listen to me, hear my words
they're all lies
they're all lies
they're all lies
they're all lies
Tonight I walk these streets and the stars themselves will hide
Track Name: scrimshaw (convulsions)
We're so fucking irresponsible.
I just wish we could do what's right for the world instead of what feels good.
I'm a hypocrite, I hate myself so much.
We live behind the glass, I feel so out of touch.
Locked inside my cage, raised to live my life by despondency.
Welcome to the Grey Coral Graveyard, where you will wait forever.
Courage lacks inside ourselves. We always wait for foreign help.
Look inside me, see what I see.
Track Name: marie laveau (convulsions)
Angels with wooden teeth never trust the trees.
I'm slowly learning from the damage you delivered when you sent the crushing blow.
I'm slowly killing all the pain returned to sender and it's more than you could know.
A hospital decked with bows.
A Christmas spent curtains closed.
Bad news strikes, cut me down.
A suit replaced with a plain blue gown.
This time you better be right or you can count me out.
A death bed, burned.
.can't quit.
Worrying night after night.
Track Name: nero and doryphoros (convulsions)
If I tell myself that this is for you then I can keep going.
The distance from my bed to the door is littered with the memories of the ones who came before you, and I know that you will start to guess who left the wrinkles on the sheets you lay on every night now.
D: Look at me
N: I swear this is real
D: Look at me
N: I swear I feel you
D: Moving in through me
N: This just needs to stop
D: Playing with me
N: This just needs to stop
Embrace me
Feel my warmth coursing through your bones
Erase me
Whatever makes you feel less alone
And you start to cry
As you touch my chest
And I remember my bed's a rats nest
And the plague is in full effect
Track Name: inhabitants of 13 mall street (convulsions)
In my dreams, I'm clutching my father by the shirt
He starts to slip, he gets harder and harder to hold


On a ship, we outrun a wave as it breaks
We try to stay, but he's just left in it's wake.

Then I shift I find myself in my bed.
A shadow moves it closes in on my bed.
Then it mounts me it claws at my face.
It tells me demons will stay relentless

This time I awake it's real.
Sweat pours down, my vomit stings.
I'm doubled up in pain.
I'm waiting for my head to heal.

Remembering my home,
the room where spirits would watch me
I remember he would cry
I swear sometimes he still watches

Spirits still cry for me

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