split (captain, your ship is sinking & mio




adagio830 nr 52


released December 29, 2014



all rights reserved


adagio830 Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: godspeed to you, pola negri (captain, your ship is sinking)
Is this all you are. Have you sold out your soul. I have the mother of all your conclusions. Where is the father, bring me the son. So tell me all your secrets. Where do you hide your scars. And I have the father of all our illusions. Where is the mother, so I kill the son. I am the voice of the lost and the golden age. I am the tears that have (been) shed today. Let’s move away from this circus and this strange town. Just take me away. Just drive, just drive. You better be sure you wanna know what you wanna know. Cause when it’s over I’ll curse your life. Before you enter this ship say the secret words. Give me the names. Diet. Starving. Keep on starving, keep your dream. But I will tell you now that I will rip your heart away. Off with your head. It’s all your fault but you threw the blame on me. It’s all your fault, I’ve got knives in my eyes. It’s all your fault, but you threw the blame at me. It’s all your fault, it’s all your fault. Keep on starving, keep this dream. But I will tell you now, that I will rip your heart away. Off with your head. I shoot silver bullets, I’ll drink all of your blood. I hate the father of all our illusions, so bring me the mother, bring me the son. The night I plotted a scheme. Where I hide all your bones. I am the mother of all your illusions. Give me the father, let’s kill the son. I’ll crush your faith. I’ll slay your dreams. Keep me from hell. Keep me from saving you.
Track Name: son, you sure you know what you are going to dig up when you open that grave? (captain, your ship is sinking)
Wait forever, she said. And I’m doing it some more. This burden had got its fathers’ eyes. And I’m doing it so well. Close this theatre, show’s done. But I wanted some more. All this grudge I bear, it’s all yours. It’s always your right. All these could haves and would haves. Where is my own should have. In the end, you’re alright. But it’s always the night. End of the line. I am undone. I want the dream to be dead. End of this line. And time comes, oh how time comes. How time comes to fix the hurt. Your demons in my night. It’s always the night. Your blood makes me feel so scared. So whisper that everything’s fine. And just to be sure about fate. Shall we drive a stake right through her heart. Tonight! I will bury her again. This time! I will fight like hell. This line! I will set it all to flames. Tonight! I fight like hell. Shall we drive a stake trough her heart?
Track Name: traumwelt (mio)
alles was du fühlen kannst/
ist nur eine illusion/

deine welt/
nur ein traum/

eine lüge/
keine wahrheit/
deine hoffnung/
Track Name: ungenuegend (mio)
(nackte sohlen/ stolpern ohne sinn/
kalter stein/ unter heißer haut/
tropfen im staub/ taubes laub im wind/
dein horizont/ ohne das was bleibt/
alles was ist/ gleich schon gewesen/
vergehen bleibt bestehen/ der zukunft beraubt)*

heb deinen blick/
sag mir was du siehst/
denkst du das kann alles sein?/
denkst du leben endet hier?/